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Art and ideas of Henrik G Dahle and collaborators.

I support Culture Declares an Ecological and Climate Emergency and the voices that speak clearly about the Emergency.

David Fleming's dictionary (from the quote above) can be read online. Here's a link to the full entry on Utopia, and the dictionary can be purchased here at the Fleming Policy Centre.

If you want to use this domain name for a real World General Strike then get in touch. And for anything else:

contact [ a t ] world general strike dot org
(UK phone) +44 (0) seven761eight05900

Culture Declares

World Piece Maker


World Piece sample

Old Tin Globe Jewellery and a Poem About Utopia.

World Piece back sample World Piece Sample
Lost Satellite Reception // The Light at the End of the Tunnel at the End of the Light.(2020).
Tunnels of France, Switzerland and Italy on a road trip with good buddies in 2010.
Extinction Ceremonies
Extinction Ceremonies is an ongoing project. The participative installation is open for commissions.

Bus Stages

Moon Unit bus

Studio flat bus: A rent free living and working space to give me more time for projects to assist with the Emergency.

My main project is a book: Art of Climbing Trees – based on a diary that I kept for a year in 2010-11. During this time I climbed a tree every day and I had conversations in trees with over 80 people in ten different countries. It continues to be a walkabout and it is my slow offering in response to urgent times. The project website is and instagram.

Other past and current projects include some of the following...

Say When (2019)
Made with the aim of contributing to Extinction Rebellion and using footage from the film below. A short version can be seen here.

Rebel For... (2019)
Music: Mesadorm
Hand: Ross Styants
Guy: Me (and editor)
Sea cam 1st unit: Jacob Parish


Egg Mountain (2016)

New montages are ready for exhibition after a 15 year paper cutting sabbatical. Find some old and new material here.

If you can spare a further 90 seconds then turn the sound up and watch this film – made in collaboration with David Bekkevold. It's getting old but it's still one of my favourites:

Our Satisfying Conclusion (2012)

I've been making layered prints using a block carved by an unknown master carpenter in Jaipur (who I'm eager to trace), and inspired by the rings of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, (that students set on fire in 2010, in protest of new tuition fees). It's a tree that I climbed before it was cut down in Nordmarka, Oslo.

I'll be exhibiting these when they're ready.


I've been writing this book for several years now so every now and again I'll get the urge to design a new cover. These are three of them.

The first of these features a beautiful illustration by artist Anna Widen. We also climbed a tree together and our conversation will be found in the book.

More bits of design I've done for work and pleasure here.


Art of Climbing Trees

In case we fail...nothingnearly nothingnothing


I only have one hobby which is playing with sounds. I started The Moon Responded by fiddling around with a music app on my phone. Five years, six music programs and several collaborators later and I decided the piece was finished enough. Rewilder is the project name for this hobby music; it's my 'band' name, and someone who rewilds is a role I'd like to promote.

The video has been made using many of the 3300 photographs of circles I took between 2013-2018 and features the beautiful close up footage Woody James shot for a short film I've yet to complete.

Other mixes / versions:
Janis Sokolovskis mix (2017), and The Moon Responded (50% slower):


It's not about anything else anymore – is it?

My actor showreel _ Woody James DOP

The Gauntlett Institute's science activities bunker is hidden, but their website is not private.

For the last five years I've worked alongside Professor Gauntlett, documenting his and his colleague's achievements.

Gauntlett institute logo

Gauntlett Institute
What we always wanted

What we needed
The Last Line. A newish play by Henrik G Dahle

The first time I watched actors do a walk through of The Last Line, it bent my head open a bit.

It's not new any more and it needs rewriting but I like it. After several years work on this I started on the screenplay:

INC. screenplay, based on The Last Line - gathering dust.

Yesterday Tomorrow is the working title for a feature script written by HG DahleAcracia. Another screenplay gathering dust.


Butterfant and ElephlyThe Butterfant and the Elephly

Children's story collaboration with Kaia Ødegaard and Sissel Helene Ringstad.

Free Troll
Children's story for Sophie

You can't read these books yet, I'm just showing off my prolific procrastination.

Out of date fiction showreel

Stamsund International Theatre Festival 2013 - Short Version

...Long version

Out of date doc showreel
Fast Forward (trailer) made for

I like wikipedia.
Wikireadings is a project I got excited about and then had to set aside (for the time being?)


With artists Richard Shepherd and Catherine Barclay

Films I've made with Angus Barr of
Publicktransport theatre company.

With artist Helen Plumb


Pop stars video i made

Pop stars video i made


More, or less coming soon