The Last Line with Gerard Cooke as Number 2

This is theatre darling.

The Last Line is a play written by Henrik G Dahle.

A philosophical comedy drama that explores freewill, freedom, love, sacrifice and revolution. It's an innovative dialogue driven six-hander meta show.

Here's 100 words...

BUTLER: (to gain sympathy, explaining himself, but becoming slightly desperate, humbled and psychotic) How this is written would turn the critics against us. We’d be letting down our audience. (to the audience sheepishly) We’d let you down. (to the characters) I’m not ignoring them. I’m serving them. (grasping at straws). This theatre could go bankrupt and further more it could have extreme effects on the tradition dating back thousands of years. The collapse of theatre resting on our shoulders right here. That could be just the beginning. The resulting cultural deficit on the city could spiral out like dominoes into the rest of the world, one city after another, nation upon nation falling into a total decay beyond your wildest nightmares, finally bringing on the apocalypse years before its time. The ripples of our decisions here could be utterly significant to life on earth! I was just trying to save humanity – that aught to be worth it, isn’t it, - life on earth?

#2 holds up the ‘boo’ sign up to the audience again. #3 uses the script to stop #2’s bleeding.

and rest....

So... since the Tobacco Factory rehearsed reading in 2008 the play was re written and then side lined for other projects however the writer is still passionate about it and its potential for (A) being a shit load of fun for an audience, and (B) having a stab at getting them involved with what's going on in the world. Patronising? Absolutely.

It's now being rewritten for the silver screen and Michel Gondry is set to direct.
Wouldn't that be nice.

So here's a few bits and bobs to summarise what was once a sprawling and incomplete website.

If you want to read this little puppy then get in touch and we'll discuss a hand over of the good.

A slide show
from the performed reading for your viewing pleasure

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The last Line poster - Ellie Cryer - Tattos for tears

Some audience feedback from the Tobacco Factory performance.

- 'Wonderful, Bonkers - it made my brain hurt'
- 'Emotional, uplifted, clever and funny'
- 'Post post modern'
- 'I found it absorbing, funny, exhausting and reflective'
- 'Great. Fantastic. Brilliant - enjoyed it immensely'
- 'Great original idea - I got it (Kind of) - and I never 'get' theatre'
- 'It's like the Ouselern bird that flies in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own exhaust pipe'. (this comment has now been grafted into the play, so thank you who ever wrote that).

There was a bit of BBC propoganda for us before hand and here it still is.

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A big hand for...
A number of people need to be thanked for being a part of The Last Line at the Tobacco factory. It was quite a team and I am in their debt for helping to give life to and highlight the qualities and flaws in the writing. Here they are:

Gerard Cook, Heidi Dorschler, Charlotte Ellis, Polly Christopher, Dave Rogers, Daniel Arbon

- Nathan NG of Beneath the Bed composed and sound design working alongside...
- Stanton Delaplane. Bristols rising wizard of folk curiosity
- Lizzy Carey of Pthhh, Bat for Lashes, Weirding Vessel, and even yet more brilliant in her own right.Polly Christopher as Aude

Props / Stage management
- Sarah Ware, Penelope Watson

Props / Wardrobe
- Ali Brown, Amy Carroll,

Production assistant
- Lizzy Francolini

- Tav Flett

Poster Illustrator
Ellie Cryer of Tattoos of tears.

Studio and theatrical photography
Richard Shepherd

Promo film
Director / editor - Charlie Stoddart

The Last Line set - image