World Piece Poem booklet  

Your unique peace crudely represents a location in the universe*.
At first glance, just another colourful dot in space;
a polarised rotating molten sphere leaving ripples of cooled skin
piling in titanic furrows on its surface, but here, vast crushing waters give birth.
Here, microorganisms float in aurora borealis streams with cumulonimbus' of
luminescent krill-stars and jellyfish-nebula.
Singing leviathans soar in these hidden skies where the sun sets –
and the rampant shallows – where the waves meet the shore
are a blasted split-prism of animation.
A thousand perfect shards move as rainbow cloud;
stunt-dancers fly among them in liquid forests;
squirters and slitherers nest in ravelled living blankets.

Here, the churning life-blood ushers its ready creatures and plants to try the land and up – into the gauze of potent wet breath.
Gathering there in the atmosphere, the floating oceans shed themselves in drops as they drift – a heart, filling river veins; soaking the matter, alive.
Squirming roots swell with the juices too, feeding mirror-tentacles above;
the stems, trunks, branches, needles and leaves reach
to catch far-flung sunshone-protons for the fruit of flowers and foetal seed to go on.
Every space, a life experiment: horned, hairy, scaled, shelled, fury, feathered, spined
and spotted, in packs and families and gaggles from desert to jungle, to ice-sheet;
breathing with the seasons.

All breathing as one. All moving.

There are human animals there too, in this utopia; at the solar carnival – 
on your tiny tin piece of the puzzle.
Each with a glowing, stern, resolute, wise, innocent face;
each,inspired enjoying these trillion wonders with hope and knowledge of future.
These upright dextrous beings are the universe awoken with consciousness to see itself; fragments of the universe, free to express its joy in stories and endeavour;
exploring inside and out with reverence and excitement.

Every soul on this colourful dot in a sumptuous extravagant elegant cycle will know love
deeply before gratefully giving their very selves to posterity, in piece;
the most beautiful gift.

For all of this and much more:

• Pack up the fantasy financial
system & create a resource-based
economy; share the energy and
make all knowledge open-source.

• Welcome legal equality for all
souls; nurture biodiversity & return
50% of land & waters to wilderness.

•Clean up our mess and learn to tread softly.

• Forgive. Be patient.
Seize piece piecefully.
Imagine it is possible.
Make it possible today.

One World - many interdependent peaces.

•Disclaimer: We do not endorse the fictional borders as represented on this globe piece.

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