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Hand made from old tin globes and comes packaged with a poem about Utopia – signed by the artist. Read the poem here.

Pieces vary in size: 7mm x 7mm and up to 7mm x 12mm approx. (Make contact if you need to know exact sizes stating the product number). 

The pre-made pieces are mounted on silver-plated studs.
A World Piece Commission offer Sterling Silver options.

The backs of studs are given two coats of Jewelry Shield lacquer to guard against allergy from the tin.

Corners are filed to smooth off sharpness.

Most two pieces are cut from different parts of the globe – i.e. New Zealand and Zanzibar, Poland and the Bahamas, the South Pole and the Amazon.

Some of the Pieces are hard to locate; the colours and names don't always give them away. I think there's beauty in this obscurity but if you're curious to know where your part of the jigsaw fits, you can enjoy exploring the globe and 'Find Your Piece' here.

World Piece for peace-work...

At least one tree will be planted for anything bought on this shop through Tree Sisters.

Their approach involves natural forest restoration and local resilience with a special focus on supporting women. More about their strategy here.

Tree Sisters

I can make World Piece to commission with specific colours or shapes or locations: special places; where you're from; where you dream to go; places that rhyme? Spain and Bahrain? Mongolia and Italy, the North and South Pole, for example. The pieces can also be two parts of the same place. (Bear in mind that these are old globes and names may have changed).

Previously made commissions and the GLOBES are seen below.

NOTICE: I had a big run on UK and IRELAND so they are unavailable for the time being.

Commissions offer a choice of ear studs or clip-ons:

Silver-plated Stud and Scroll Stopper. 
925. Sterling Silver Stud and Scroll Stopper. 
925. Sterling Silver Stud and Flat Pad Stopper.
Silver-plated clip-on.

Studs are Pictured in the World Piece Commissions page gallery.

I want you to be happy with your World Piece Commission so if I have any questions for you then I'll make contact by email.

Go to the World Piece Commissions page for details on how to make a commission.

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. (Let me know if you'd like your commission finished sooner).

Polishing World Piece


World piece back

Hello Henrik, I would like one earring from Lembeh in South East Asia (it's a little island just to the east of North Sulawesi) and one from Gili Asahan (a tiny island off South Lombok in SE Asia). I realise that these are very small places and may not show up on your globes, especially the second one. If you can't find Gili Asahan, could I please have Anilao instead, which is an area on the coast to the south of Manila in the Philippines.

They're my favourite places to dive with the most incredible tiny creatures. As we weren't able to go this year, the earrings will see me through.

If you need another option, let me know!

AFTER: They're here! I absolutely love them, thank you so much. I've posted about them so everyone can see how gorgeous they are x
Hi, I was wondering if you could make one earring with Scotland on it and one with south west England. Or if you need more specific, Edinburgh and the Forest of Dean/Gloucestershire. I'm getting them for my sister who now lives in Edinburgh. We grew up in the Forest of Dean. It's not like she's on the other side of the world but it's far enough to miss each other a lot. Especially when she's just become a new mum. I thought these earrings could hold a hint of both her homes for her. Thank you!
AFTER: My sister received them in time and loves them! Thank you so much again.

I'm currently working with World Piece Globes Two, Three, Four and Five as source materials, as pictured above. (World Piece One is all but used up). Each globe differs slightly in tone, age, vibrancy and scale.

For the time being I will use World Piece Three for your World Piece Commission (unless you make a special request for a particular Globe: the more muted blues and whites of World Piece Five, for example).

World Piece One World Piece Two World Piece Three  
Manufactured by Chad Valley C.1960s
Scale = 1:54,795,000. Each 10mm sq represents about 548 sq km (211 sq miles). Each sq millimetre represents 54 sq km (21 sq miles).
I was a bit eager to get making and neglected to get a shot of her.
Manufactured by Chad Valley (I think) C.1970s
Scale = Yet to work it out.
Manufactured by Chad Valley, 1976
Scale = See World Piece One
World Piece Four World Piece five    
Manufactured by Chad Valley, 1976
Scale = Yet to work it out. Slightly smaller than One and Three
Manufactured by (uncertain), 1970s
Scale = Yet to work it out. Slightly smaller than One and Three and four.
There are about 148 million sq. km of land (57 million sq. miles), and another 362 million sq. km. of ocean (140 million sq. miles) on this planet.  


More, or less coming soon