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If you meet..
Buying art without seeing it in person first can feel a bit uncertain. I want you to love it when you meet. If you don't, then get in touch and let's exchange monies and art again. (Minus postage, OK?)

Purchasing (really) enormous quantities of stuff for resale, weddings, greed
Get in touch to negotiate a price.

World Piece Repairs
Your World Piece also comes with free repairs. Should your Pieces need repair, please get in touch for arrangements. (I'm also working on repairing the real world and money you swap me for World Piece funds those projects).

Shipping (possibly no ship involved)
I will post your orders out within 2-3 working days. If you need your art more urgently then send me an email (found below).

For small items please take the responsibility for loss if you DON'T choose one of the 'Signed for' or 'Tracked' options. Pricier stuff will always be 'shipped' with tracking.

Your data / email address

There's no way I'll be selling your data, or using it for any other purpose than to tell you more about what I'm doing or making (and you can opt out).

I'm really happy to hear from you with positive, negative or neutral feedback, and ideas or suggestions for World Piece.

contact A T worldgeneralstrike DOT org

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