Hello Investigators! Vicarious World Travellers!

Good luck finding your Piece...

This is a 1976 Chad Valley Globe. It may not be the exact globe your World Piece is made from. The colours may be a little different but the shapes are generally the same! I'll add more different globes later.

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Northern Hemisphere (bird eye view)
Northern Hemisphere
Middle East, Asia, Russia
World Piece MIddle East Asia Russia

North Africa, Europe, Middle East
North Africa Europe
  North America  
  North America  
  South East Asia  
  South East Asia  
  Southern Hemisphere (Bird eye view)  
  World Piece Southern Hemisphere  
  South America (Urgh, it's a bit soft focus)  
  World PIece South America  
  Southern Africa  
  World Piece Southern Africa  
  World Piece South Pacific